The Neuroscience of Sleep and Dreams

From the moment we close our eyes in the evening, until we open them again in the morning… we enter a fascinating world of endless possibilities… and most of us are hardly aware of it.

We sleep every night, of course. I mean, we need to rest, right? But did you know that quality sleep is by far the number one condition for a good functioning brain. Sleep function evolves over time, from childhood to our golden age, but at any stage it is THE critical factor for our overall health, and brain health in particular. So yes, we’re going to talk about that in this course,

but there’s more….

Sweet Dreams

Every night we are creating our own virtual reality through our dreams. We are immersed in the most unlikely scenarios. But what does it all mean? Most of us just ignores them, but what if we dream for a reason. What if those dreams are trying to tell us something. At least… some of them. And how can we know? Well, we’re going to cover that as well.

And we’re going even further.

Take control

What if I told you it is possible to use your dreams to your advantage. To harness their creative potential and use it for problem solving in the real world, when you’re awake.

What if I told you, it is even possible to wake up within your dreams and become aware you’re dreaming, and from there onward take control of everything that happens in your dream. Flying around like superman, time-travel, teleportation. It’s all possible and everybody can do it. And I’m going to show you how.

But even better than that, you can use your dreams as a virtual reality playground where you can rehearse and prepare yourself for situations in the real world, and become better at skills you need to develop.


As always with the Brain Academy, everything we will see in this course is based on Scientific research and facts. For centuries it was extremely hard to study sleep. But that completely changed with the advances in neuro-imaging technology. The discoveries made these last 10 to 15 years completely changed our understanding of how sleep works and why we sleep.

In this course, I’m sharing it all with you. The studies, the research, but more importantly, how to use this in your own life with simple tips to improve your sleep quality, and simple methods to take control of your dreams and use their creative power. There’s a whole set of practical exercises for you to try out. To take the theory and turn it into action.


So if you want to explore what happens at night between your ears

If you want to understand what those dreams about failing an exam, walking around naked or your ex are all about?

If you want to learn how to take control and become the director of your own dreams…

You know what you have to do.

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Gregory Caremans
Gregory Caremans

Gregory Caremans is the founder of the award-winning Brain Academy.

With his rich background in behavioral neuroscience and psychology, Gregory Caremans has dedicated his career to exploring the intricacies of human behavior. His extensive experience, bolstered by a deep understanding of neuroplasticity and cognitive development, has uniquely positioned him as a vanguard in the realm of brain science and education. He is widely seen as one of world's top brain coaches. As the architect of the Brain Academy, Gregory has imparted his expertise to a wide audience, ranging from educational professionals to individuals seeking to harness the full potential of their cognitive capabilities.

Gregory's commitment to his field is not just professional, but deeply personal. He believes passionately in empowering others with the tools and knowledge to foster positive brain change, which has driven him to create programs that are as accessible as they are substantive. His hands-on approach is a testament to his dedication to facilitating growth, not just in the neural pathways of his students, but also in their ability to impact the world around them through applying brain science.

With the Brain Academy he has taught over 500.000 people how to better understand their brain. He has been featured in The Economist, Entrepreneur, Mashable, CNN and more. For three years in a row, he has won several awards from "Most innovative neuroscience and personal development enterprise" to "Excellence in online learning". His aim is to make brain science accessible to all

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