At the BRAIN ACADEMY, we are passionate about the human mind! We are extremely excited to have you here. We’ve been growing at an amazing rate and if you’re not already one of them, we hope you will soon join our 100.000+ students in 195 countries.

We’re extremely honored that The Economist chose us as a partner to offer our courses to their readers.

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So what’s the fuzz all about? We won’t make you smarter, nor raise your IQ. We’re not technologically enhancing your brain, nor will we put your brain waves on certain frequencies. No, nothing of that.

What we are doing, is way more simple, but at the same time way more important. Our job consists in sharing cutting edge brain research, and translating it into concrete tools, so you can apply this immediately in your own life, professionally and personally. By understanding how your brain works, you can adapt your behavior to it. This in turn will help improve your…

  • memory, focus and general brain performance,
  • but also your intuition and creativity,
  • As a side effect you’ll improve your strength, health, and energy levels.
  • As important, your motivation, efficiency and productivity will go up, which will in turn result in helping you make more money (That’s always nice).
  • And eventually, you’ll even see an impact on your relationships, and your overall feeling of happiness, of life satisfaction.

Big claims right? Well, not really. Once we understand that our brains play a critical role in almost every single area of our life, from learning, playing and working, to aptitude, personality and memory, it’s hardly surprising that listening to our brain has an impact on everything we do. Paradoxically, while it is one of the most important organs, it also happens to be one of the less known. Lucky for us science and brain scans are rapidly improving our knowledge of what’s happening between our ears. We do know today how to keep a healthy brain, what works, what doesn’t, and why.

So we, at the BRAIN ACADEMY, we share this with you. But not only that, we also go beyond the insights and give you concrete tips and tricks, tools to improve whatever it is you wish to improve. From memory and focus, to leadership and motivation, over sales and marketing, stress management, and much more…

Do join our growing community. We would love to have you with us.

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