Brain Science for Coaches and Trainers

Become a certified
Brain Coach - Brain Trainer

As a certified Brain Coach or Brain Trainer, you will have gained the necessary insights into how our brain works. Applying these insights into your coaching and/or training will help you reach a proficiency and expertise to better help your clients overcome the challenges they face in their life.

Regardless if you’re a coach, psychologist, psychotherapist, trainer or instructor, this program will help you reach your next level in your professional development and make you stand out in your profession.

The 12 Week Program (Live Sessions)

  • Week 1 – Introduction to the program and behavioural model
  • Week 2 – Neuro-anatomy
  • Week 3 – Neuro-chemicals
  • Week 4 – Operating Systems
  • Week 5 – Neuroplasticity
  • Week 6 – Neurogenesis
  • Week 7 – Enriched Environments
  • Week 8 – Limiting Beliefs
  • Week 9 – Compensations
  • Week 10 – Projections
  • Week 11 – Cognitive Biases
  • Week 12 – Framing + Summary and Conclusion 

Become a certified
Brain Coach - Brain Trainer

Associate Brain Coach / Trainer

  • 12 weeks live program
  • 1 year access to the Brain Academy
  • Private online discussion forum
  • Certification as an associate Brain Coach/Trainer upon passing the final exam

Professional Brain Coach / Trainer

  • Everything included in the Associate program + …
  • 3 Live Q&A sessions
  • 1 one-on-one session with Gregory Caremans
  • Blue print of the ‘Brain Boost’ Workshop (for instructors)
  • Blue print of the ‘Hero-coaching’ (for coaches)
  • Review of one of your own taped coaching/training sessions
  • Certification as a professional Brain Coach/Trainer upon passing the final exam



Program Starting Dates 2021 - 2022

  • September – November – Sold Out.
  • January – March – Only limited seats available
  • April – June – Only limited seats available

See what our students have to say...

Bailey Li. (US – California)

Linda. (US – Colorado)

Constance. (Netherlands)

“I really like this guy. Within his area he is on a level above everyone else I listened to. Strongly recommended.”

Thomas Meurling

“Can you eat just ONE potato chip? Can you take just ONE neuroscience course? Bet the answer is NO! :)”

Janis Musgrove

“I see myself returning to this course at least annually to preserve this knowledge!”

Emilia Górecka

“Maybe if the NBA was a required course for humanity as a means of understanding human behaviour, we would all understand each other better, which, in turn could lead to world peace. All we need is a little understanding. Thank you! Awesome course. It has definitely changed my perspective how I view others.”

Tracy Boyer


“Excellent content, very informative with lots of things I had no clue about. Fantastic, professional delivery in an entertaining format. Gregory Caremans is a true expert in the field and the course delivers a very fun and educational way to understand how to improve your brain. Definitely recommended!!!”

Pablo Lázaro

“This is by far, one of the best courses I have taken part in. It is not only interesting but also life-changing. The idea of who we are and how our brain reshapes these features is simply mind-blowing. I never write a review but this course deserves it. I am kind of newbie in the subject and will definitely re-do it to record all this information. Thanks Gregory.”

Pam Jenkinson

“I love all things “brain” related. The material was great and the instructor is certainly one of my MOST FAVORITE!”

Amy Pendleton

“I’m mesmerised. It’s fascinating! Now also following the Brain Vlog and loving that too. Thank you Gregory.”

Pam Jenkinson

“It was an extremely beneficial program. I loved the contents, the way it was presented and ease of understanding.”

Suren Saini